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Queenbey to attend Met gala + bad news..!!

     You read right..!! Queenbey would be attending the 2016 Met gala. After Beyoncé dropped her game-changing visual album Lemonade last weekend and took us through an emotional journey many of us are only now beginning to recover from, we were left with just one extremely pressing question: With all this drama surrounding her relationship, will Bey still attend this year’s Met Gala? Well, thanks to André Leon Talley , Vogue ‘s former Editor-at-Large and formidable fashion personality inmhis own right, we finally have our answer.
      First, the bad news. According to an interview The Skimm published with Talley on Monday morning, the arbiter of all things fabulous had to break it to us that Rihanna , who ruled last year’s Gala with her epic train that ran the length of the Met stairs, will not be attending this year due to her tour schedule. André added, however, that he does “look forward to Beyoncé.”...who doesnt. Thus giving us our first official confirmation that the Queen will be residing over this year’s festivities, likely in one of her show-stopping sheer crystalized ensembles.
      Now that our anxiety on that topic has finally been abated, there’s just one last burning question that needs to be answered before the Beyhive can all sleep soundly tonight. Will Jay Z be her red carpet date or was one elevator showdown enough....? Given all the recent proof that their relationship is still going strong it’s a pretty safe bet the pair will arrive together, but we’d never put it past Beyoncé to throw us one more last-minute curveball. Are you excited to see Queenbey tonight at the met gala....?

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