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is Kendall Jenner is dating ASAP Rocky and Jordan Clarkson...?

   Kendall Jenner is playing the field like a pro! As of late, the supermodel’s love life has been the unsolvable mystery of the century, and now, she’s stepping out with not just one, but TWO guys! Who will she choose? Oh girls just wanna have fun, and Kendall Jenner , 20, is no exception! “Kendall is keeping her options open when it comes to dating,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells. “She’s really enjoying playing the field and not putting all of her eggs in one basket. She loves spending time with A$AP Rocky [real name Rakim Mayers], because he’s super creative and a great listener. Jordan Clarkson, on the other hand is hilarious and spontaneous. But ultimately, having fun is her number one priority at the moment.
   She’s so busy with work that she would rather keep things casual and lighthearted rather than getting stressed out and feeling like she has to commit to one person.” Smart decision, Ken, seeing as how quickly relationships fall apart in Hollywood. Dubbed the most shy and private of all the Kardashian ladies, the raven-haired beauty has kept all her past romances under wraps. But thanks to the loose lips of Selena Gomez , it’s been known for quite some time that Kendall’s had a secret boyfriend — or a few of them! And so, fans began to speculate. Was she dating Chris Brown ? Cristiano Ronaldo ? Harry Styles ? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!
    All rumors were finally put to bed when Kendall was spotted partying with Jordan at The Nice Guy Lounge in West Hollywood in March. BUT THEN only a couple months later, Kendall was being wined and dined by A$AP in Paris on July 26. Talk about a whirlwind romance! The supermodel has yet to comment on rumored boyfriends, but sadly, that may never happen. “I try to keep things as private as I can, but when it comes to a point, it’s just not a big deal,” she confessed to ET .
   The entire Kardashian Klan partied at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Sunday night for what's believed to be an early birthday party for the LipKit queen, who turns 19 on August 10.
While Kylie was the centre of attention, we didn't miss the leggy brunette slipping off with the rapper at the end of the night by the backdoor. Gorgeous Kendall clad her incredible figure in a tiny boobtube and black sheer skirt teamed with thigh high leather boots. The rapper, who chose a stained denim jacket for the night, followed close behind the beauty as they left the hotspot. It comes after reports Kendall was enjoying a "fling" with the rapper, while also dating basketball star Jordan Clarkson.
    The romance with Jordan is still said to be casual and according to reports Kendall has been spending an increasing amount of time with the 27-year-old star, who has previously dated Iggy Azaelia and supermodel Chanel Iman. A source told Us Weekly magazine: "It's a fling. It's not serious." The fact A$AP Rocky was with Kendall at the family bash may be a sign the couple have got a little more serious. The couple first sparked rumours they were dating when they were seen walking through Paris together last month before enjoying an evening of eating and dancing.
   The pair were then spotted at the same hotel in Beverly Hills last week, where they reportedly enjoyed dinner and A$AP just happened to perform at the launch of the OUE Skyspace LA at the US Bank Tower last month, an event which Kendall was hosting. They definitely spent time together during the night, which was also attended by Kim Kardashian, as Kendall posted a video of A$AP on the sky slide to SnapChat before she tried it out. The 20-year-old later shared a string of clips of the rapper on stage during the party and seemed to enjoying the performance. Kendall Jenner looks almost unrecognisable as she channels her inner Elvis Presley in new Fendi campaign
Kendall was most recently linked to basketball player Jordan Clarkson and despite spending Fourth of July together, they're not keen to make anything official.
   A source said: "They're casually dating but it's not anything very serious." Kendall recently revealed she wants to be married with children within the next 10 years. She wrote in a post on her website: "Hearing Kylie mention what she sees her life like at 30  on a farm with kids got me thinking about my own life in 10 years, which weirdly gave me a strong urge to play 'The Sims'.
"If I were building my perfect world on the game, this is how it would look: I'd have a beautiful, secluded house in Malibu with a gorgeous husband and a couple of kids. "Seeing models like Cindy Crawford and Gisele live chilled but extremely fortunate and blessed lives seems like exactly what I would want. Even though I love dogs, I don't want to be overwhelmed so I'd probably just have one. I'd definitely want a horse, too, so I could ride whenever I wanted."   On the oter hand, It’s been rumoured for months that Kendall Jenner is dating basketball star Jordan Clarkson.And the KUWTK star appeared to confirm the rumours on Wednesday when she shared a shot of herself wearing a Los Angeles Lakers jacket. Kendall, posted a blurry shot of the purple and yellow jacket alongside the caption: “Put me in coach.”
   The star, who previously dated One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, is believed to have been seeing Jordan for a while now, with a source claiming back in April that the pair were “super into each other”. They told People magazine: "They have been secretly dating for months and they are super into each other. He is super sweet and a total gentleman and Kendall loves that.”
The comments came after the model and Jordan, who began playing as a point guard for the LA Lakers in 2014, were spotted enjoying a night out at The Nice guy in West Hollywood.
    Around the same time, Selena Gomez sent the rumor mill into overdrive when she revealed Kendall wasn’t single. The singer didn’t go into detail, instead just dropping into conversation that her pal was seeing someone. Maybe not for the squad necessarily but boyfriend material is always good… none of them are single just so you know," she said. "Taylor is not single, Gigi is not single, neither is Kendall. I am the only single one!" Kendall wouldn’t be the first person from her famous family to fall for a basketball star. Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries made his name in the sport, whereas Khloe's exes Lamar Odom and James Harden were both basketball players. Hmm...a thing for basketball players huh....?
     Do you think Kendall’s dating ASAP Rocky or Jordan Clarkson. ..?

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