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How I Stay Motivated And Get Over Negativity #1

    Hi guys, today I'm gonna be talking about how I thankfully got through a really rough patch recently, as a matter of facts, I almost stopped blogging. Lol.
    First off, I started blogging November 2014, (can't believe it's three years already...). Well initially, like I've said before, this blog was dedicated to celebrity news, red carpets, spoilers and music. And for a while It wasn't constant, I had a lot of exams, like a lot and they were consecutive, no space in between, it was really tight. Them I got a really long deserved holiday... (pheww!)
    I picked it up again as a full priority this time, and it was going smoothly, but then came this one year program I had to do and it became like the 4th thing on my list, with food being the 3rd. *wink*. It was then I began posting about makeup. It started with makeup.
    Now I wasn't a makeup artist, I couldn't even use eyeshadow, my brow were so Wack that I wondered how people talked because I don't think I'll talk to me. Yeah my makeup was really bad, so I read a lot of articles to get better and thought to myself to share, so I experimented and started sharing a few tips and it felt great, I felt like maybe there's someone out there who doesn't know these things too. So from there on, I started to diversify.
   And I also noticed there was an increase in my traffic, which I'm so grateful for. It felt really good. You know sometimes, as a blogger, you read posts that tell you about how some other bloggers in your niche have about 150k views per post and yours is just about 100 without a 'k' and you're OK.... I will get there eventually and when you get about 300 views it's like a big deal. Baby steps are so important. Be grateful for each one.
     It was all going smoothly, until I hit a barricade, a bump, and it was Sharpe. Ugh!. Obviously, I use the blogger platform, Wordpress doesn't really work for me, and I never knew there was a follow gadget, like people can actually follow you blog, blogger doesn't make it obvious and easy for viewers to see, I just never knew, and I get a minimum of 300 views per post, but I have 0 followers and it's been three years now. I was in total shock and I didn't want to believe that it counts, but I couldn't ignore it, 0 followers, what!.... What!.
    It got to me. I tried to reach out to my friends on google+, where I get most of my traffic,  but it didn't change anything, it was really heartbreaking, heart wrenching if not. It really got to me. And I was down a bit. It just all felt fake, like a waste of time, waste of resources (which can be limited sometimes), and the effort and energy I put into my posts is like wow. So I thought about quitting, I had sleepless nights, and restless days, it was just hard to accept, like after all these years, I'm Just finding out. But oh well. I feel much better now and it wasn't really easy pulling myself out of the self-pity and negativity. It takes alot of courage to try to encourage yourself by yourself. It's hard in fact.

       It's a tough decision to make because you're at the middle of quitting, and your other half is willing to try, it is conflicting, I agree. And the negativity can't go away itself. So you just have to close your eyes and think about it. What motivated you initially? what motivates you?. For me, it's music first off. When I listen to certain songs, it is heartfelt and you can like totally relate, it gives you this energy to just pick up your pen and do something creative. Now this may work for some people, but other times, it's a first step and there has to be a follow up. The follow up is:

     Is it just me or does google know everything...? My first idea to solve almost anything is google. Literally everything is there, articles, pictures, videos, so you can honestly type a key word maybe Uhh... 'How to stay motivated', or inspired, anything really, or maybe it's this blog you follow, you can check up on 'em. See what's new, and fresh, and you'll be surprised when you spend about an hour scrolling and getting inspired. Now it's not like you don't know these things, it looks new because right then it is relatable. Like they feel you and it feels good. So next you:

    The most daring ones are the ones that take you out of the negative zone you're in and it makes your want to apply yourself. Challenge yourself.

     It happened, it's not a dream, it really does happen, accept that and move on, put it way behind you. When you do that it's half solved. Of course you'll remember it, everytime, just don't let it get to you, let it not become all you think about. Give it less time. Kill it with thoughts of why you wanted to blog in the first place. What was you drive, your aspiration.
    Personally everytime I think about the amount of people that can relate to my situations sometimes and think about how I can help create this healthy community where everyone is sharing experiences to know they're never alone, no matter the mess, or maybe your brows are like wack, you need a little help. And I can be available, I can give tips and tricks, I won't let the negativity get to me, so it won't hinder someone else's opportunity to learn someone new from me. That's my inspiration. Top spread the word, and spread the love. I got you girl. #aspiretoinspire #staymotivated and have a beautiful day.
      Oh.... And don't forget to follow and subscribe. Thanks.

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