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10 lazy girl beauty hacks, no one ever tells you about.

A lot of people have it wrong about us lazy girls. But on the Contrary, we just want to look good but in a shorter amount of time. And it is not impossible to look good with a shorter amount of time, simplifying beauty routines are actually easy,  With a few smart shortcuts, it’s possible to spend less time primping and still be a stone-cold fox. Call it the low-maintenance paradox: less effort, more payoff.

  So here are a few tips and hacks I use. I hope you find it as useful as I do. 

1. Are your brows a mess and your brow gel is nowhere to be found...? Just simply grab your lip balm. 

   Lip balm is the perfect texture for brow-taming—swipe some on, then use a spooly to brush your rebellious brows in place. So much easier than, going all the way across the street to buy new brow gel.

2. Smudged your eyeliner and you're too lazy to start all over again (it can be very annoying. I know.) 

     So you're almost done with drawing your near perfect cat-eye and then it just goes astray! And worse, your makeup remover is nowhere to be found. Most times you might be tempted to give up and call it a lost cause—after all, who’s got the time (and energy) to start all over?. Just take a Q-tip (eye cream), dab it in your eye cream, and use it to erase eye makeup in one fell swoop. Plus, it’ll help de-puff and brighten—two things even the laziest of girls can appreciate.

3. Thicken your lashes. 

     I am definitely one of those who love those luscious thick lashes, but I don’t really like to fake a fuller fringe using false eyelashes. First you coat your lashes with mascara, then with an eyeshadow brush, apply powder to your lashes and finally coat with mascara again. 

4. Trust the red. 

      Already late for class, or work...? No matter how less of a time you have got to get ready, you can always manage to look glam with that one tool lying in your hand bag – That Gorgeous Red Lipstick. Something that you can always trust without a doubt when it comes to looking great is a red lipstick. 

5. If you want to get plumped lips, you know for a little pucker lips action *wink*. Simply mix a little peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost. 

6. Woke up with puffy eyes, maybe from a hangover or you're just tired, Use a white or light eyeliner to draw a line on your water line to really make your eyes pop.

7. To get the most out of your mascara, stick in your bra for a few minutes to warm it up. It’ll work magic on your lashes and curl so much better. Tested and trusted. 

8. The complimentary card cat-eye. 

     To get a straight and perfect cat-eye, use a complimentary card to straighten the lines up by putting at the edge of your eyes, and use it as a guide to draw.

9. Did you run out of liquid liner and your too lazy to go get another one...? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Use an angle brush and mascara. That’s right, mascara. I dab the brush onto my mascara wand and use it as eyeliner. This is a great trick that holds me over until I have the opportunity to buy some more liner.

Use Clear Mascara to Groom Your Brows.

      Grab a clear mascara to brush up your brows and make them perfectly groomed. Since you’re not depositing color as you would with your usual brow gel, brow pencil or brow powders, you don’t need to worry about making that awkward mistake of depositing too much color here and not enough there. As a bonus, use clear mascara on your lower lashes for the benefits of a colored mascara but without the clean-ups or smudge.

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