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6 habits that make you look older than you really are.


    Recently, I've been having a few challenges with going out, and when I eventually do go out, I do not take pictures because everytime I look at the camera I cringe at the way I look, same thing happens when I look in the mirror. I suddenly looked older and stressed with a lot of frown lines and funny looking skin, so I decided to do little research on how to look younger (I guess)and Implement a few tips, and they're actually relatable and they work. My looks may not be where I want them to be, but I'm no longer camera shy.

So here's a few thing you're probably doing wrong, or not just doing too well.
1. Junk to veggies and fruits ratio. 
       How many times do we actually remember veggies and fruits, are they in your diets...? They are definitely a compulsory thing for a healthier and glowing skin. The skin can protect itself from a lot, but there's a higher chance, if you consume nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.
2. Not drinking enough water.
         Drinking water definitely has a ton of benefits, as we have been told over time. Drinking enough water makes you more energetic and helps you lose weight, and also has a huge impact on your skin. A lot of us know the wonderful benefits of drinking water but find it hard to incorporate it in our daily lives, but just put it at the back of your mind that your skin maybe looking old because you don't drink enough water. Let it challenge you. 
3. Wearing sunscreen. 
   Sunscreen isn't something, I'm personally used to (kinda by default). Most people actually do not know about sunscreen. It is absolutely essential for people to wear sunscreen everyday, especially if you're going to be spending any time outside.
     Now, the effects of not wearing sunscreen probably for six months or all year round is you risk getting sun damage, an amount of melanomas, skin cancer, a bunch of reactions, and it canake your skin look tough. 
​4. Over exfoliating.
         Exfoliating Can be a good thing from time to time, as it removes and prevents layers of dead skin from building up. But as always, moderacy is the key. If you over exfoliate with harsh or or scrub maybe a little too hard, you risk exposing exposing new skin cells, to various elements, which in turn make your skin look old, and fragile. 
5. You don't wash your face at night.
     Yes, you maybe exhausted and all but don’t go to sleep without thoroughly washing your face. Over the course of the day your skin and pores collect dirt and oil. If you don’t wash it all off before you hit the hay, the dirt will clog your pores overnight and you’ll wake up with irritated skin that is quite the opposite of a healthy, glowing complexion.
6. You're not getting enough sleep.
      We've been told over and over again for important it is to sleep but no.... we still ignore all the warnings. I personally spend my nights over-thinking (don't judge me) or surfing the internet or reading free books. But it's a terrible habit to deprive yourself of a good night rest and the effects show. Clearly very clearly on your face. So get some sleep girl.
      I'm a work in progress and I have lazy days like everyday... But don't we all. There's so much we don't attach importance to, although it shouldn't be so.
Remember when you look good you feel good. Take good care of yourself baby. And if you have tips and ideas to share, don't be scared or shy to share. And also share. Lol. Have a beautiful day.
                     With love,
                             Kemi success oludimu
Twitter: thealphafemale0 I.G: thealphafemale0

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