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Look in box.

3 red lipstick hacks to master: worth it! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Before lipstick was created, red lips were trendy. But, did you know, a classic red lipstick can be the most versatile lip product in your makeup bag?

Whether you want to go au naturel or look like a silver screen siren, red lip color looks are great on people of all ages and skin tones. So, what is the trick to mastering the art of red lips? Read these red lipstick hacks to find out! 1. Warm, Neutral Lips: Yes, red lipstick can be a neutral too! To warm it up, lightly dab your lipstick on your lips. Then, layer a peach-colored lip balm on top. 

Try this:

Glossy Stain Pop Water • Saint Laurent • $36 

Saint Laurent Pop Water Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain • Saint Laurent • $36 

2. Bright Red Lips: Make your red lipstick pop by layering it over a bright pink lip stain. This will also help keep your lipstick in place longer.

Try this:

Stila 'Stay All Day' Liquid Lipstick - Amalfi • Stila • $22

3. Vampy Red Lips: You don’t need a dark wine lipstick to get a vampy lip color; all you ne…

Get the perfect French manicure with this easy procedure!

French manicure can go along with anything you wear. It is so versatile which is why ladies find it convenient to don without even having to change their nail styles in two weeks. Among the most popular hues of French manicure are the nude, cream, pink and beige which are then tipped with a pure white polish. The design looks simple, beautiful, elegant and effortless even from afar.
    Although it may look very easy to do from the outside, coating on French manicure needs precision as well as a good and steady hand. You can’t simply do the French manicure in one go, but with continued practice, you will be able to master the art of French manicure. The most important part is the tip of the nails which needs to look perfect. Here are some French Manicure tips that can help you:– Don’t put on the polish sloppily.– If you aren’t sure you can do the French manicure don’t do it yourself at first. But with practice, you sure would get better. – When trying out the French manicure at hom…