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Nailspiration: Autumn nails idea III

Celebrity Autumn Hair Ideas

1. The modern Bang and Shag
Inspiration : Alexa Chang 2. Swooshy  Bangs
Inspiration : Michelle Williams 3. The 80's
Inspiration : Vanessa Hudgens 4. Collar Crop
Inspiration : Selena Gomez5. Rosy Blond
Inspiration : Jaime Chung6. Side Bangs
Inspiration : Diane Kruger 7. Spiky Updo
Inspiration : Kendall Jenner 8. Mean girl!
Inspiration : Lilly collins9. Face-frame fall out
Inspiration : Bella Hadid For more tips, tricks and hacks, keep with me. Don't forget to share and comment and also follow. Thanks. Twitter : thefashionicon0

Hairspiration: 7 cuts that let you feel the breeze!

They're wavy, midi-cut, shoulder length and trendy and let's you feel the breeze. Check it out. 1. Butterscotch waves.
Inspiration : Rose Depp. 2. Loosen your bump
Inspiration : Kate Moss 3. The midi
Inspiration : Emma Stone. 4. Lazy day
Inspiration : Anna kendrick5.  Unbraided Braid
Inspiration : Elizabeth Olsen6. Natural frizz
Inspiration : Yara Shahidi7. Hairline Braid
Inspiration : Jennifer Morrison    Keep with me for more tips, tricks and hacks. Don't forget to comment an experiment. Share you photos on twitter and instagram using the hashtag #Kso2channel for a shout-out. And also follow. Thanks
Twitter: thefashionicon0

Top 5 Savory pumpkin-themed breakfast.

1. Savory Pumpkin PancakesJazz up your morning breakfast with these healthy and simple Savory Pumpkin pancakes. Time8-10 PANCAKES
10 MINUTESCook Time15 MINUTESINGREDIENTS1 cup Chickpea flour (besan)3/4 cup Pumpkin puree1/2 cup Chopped Spinach leaves1/2 cup Thinly shredded carrots1/2 cup Chopped Green Onions2-3 tablespoon Chopped cilantro leaves1/4 cup Club Soda or Soda water3/4 teaspoon Crushed chili flakes (adjust to taste)1/2 teaspoon Carrom Seeds (ajwain)Salt to taste2-4 tablespoon Oil to cook pancakesInstructions. 1. Assemble all the ingredients.2. In a bowl combine all the ingredients.3. Pour in soda water.4. Mix until well blended. Add more soda water if the batter is thick.5. Heat and grease a griddle.6. For each pancake, spoon 2 tablespoon batter onto the hot griddle. Drizzle oil and allow the pancakes (puda) to cook.7. When the underside is done, flip carefully with a spatula and cook. Adjust heat if necessary.8. Cook on each side for 3-6 minutes or until golden brown in colo…

Hello Autumn! My wishes for you

My autumn colors. What is autumn to you....? What does it signify....?
     I woke up to a very beautiful October, leaves on the ground, beautiful colors, green, yellow, orange, and a wee bit of red. It was beautiful... It is beautiful. The earth is such a beauty when it let's go..i thought.
     Autumn is a calm time. Let the colors inspire you to reflect, take you back and let go. Sip your coffee slower, take your time. Make a sia playlist, a wee bit of Ed Sheeran and Zayn. Take walks around the park and feel the earth, the cool breeze on your face, and hope a colorful leave falls on you. Take deep breaths and feel it....winter is coming.
    Hands in your pocket, scarf on your neck, chic jacket on, and a smile on your face, look around and soak up the happiness that autumn brings.
     Pumpkin themed dinner, laugh and take selfies with fam. Pick out your best floral pajamas to complement your day and go to bed reading and hugging your favorite Harlequin. Have an enjoyab…

Stay happy. Monday motivation.

Hi guys. Today I'm gonna share with you a few quotes from my favorite instagram page WordPorn. I love to keep up with this page, cause they have like amazing quotes and reliable situations, it's simply amazing that there's someone out there who's been through what you have and totally understands you... And puts your thoughts into words and make situation simplified. So, here are my top quotes this week. 1. You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.
      It's simple. Do what's right and necessary, yes but you must always do what makes you happy. 2. Realize how much you're worth and stop giving people discounts. 3. You will be too much for some people, too loud, too soft, too this, too that. But you'll be perfect for the people that need you. Have that in mind. 4. Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go. Let autumn inspire you. 5. Remember, if you want to change the world, go home and love your family. - Mother Teres…