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How healthy are Pumpkins..?12 Nutritional Facts and Benefits of Pumpkins.

Happy almost Halloween. It's Pumpkin season as it is a favorite autumn ingredient. But how healthy is it...?
As it turns out, pumpkin is very nutritious and low in calories. Plus, it's more versatile than you may know. It can be cooked into savory dishes, as well as sweet ones.
Pumpkin is a type of winter squash that's in the same plant family as cucumbers and melons. And It is technically a fruit since it contains seeds. But in terms of nutrition, it's more like a vegetable. THE DIFFEENT VARIETIES OF PUMPKIN There are many different varieties of pumpkins, a few are:1. Jack-o'-lantern: Usually a large variety that's used for carving.2. Pie pumpkins: A smaller, sweeter variety. (For pies, and soups). 3. Miniature: These are both decorative and edible.4. White: Some can be cooked with, while others are better for decoration or carving. (for the spooky stuff).Giant: Mostly grown for contests. Technically edible, but less flavorful than smaller varieties. QUICK FACTS A…