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How well do you know your skin?. 4 easy ways to find out.

​The basic and most important step in caring for your skin comes in understanding your specific skin type and how it adapts to certain circumstances or seasonality. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, as complex and intelligent as your heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs. Using cleansers and treatments that are too harsh, even if they are recommended for excessive oiliness, may send the signal to your skin that more oil is actually needed. Conversely, applying moisturizers that are too thick or heavy can result in decreased natural oil production, resulting in even drier skin. Taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right options that will balance skin resulting in a healthier, more radiant complexion. 
    Every person’s skin is unique, but there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where you skin fits in the most.  The three main skin types are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/Combination, sensitive and D…

What do you know about your skin type?. The 4 basic skin types.

​There are basically 4 skin types, although a few people would say 5,as they classify 'normal' and 'combination' skin types separately, but I would like to classify them together, because they basically behave the same way. 
     Dry skin can feel tight throughout the day, and may experience noticeable flaking and may appear scaly. Dry skin is largely due to a number of factors genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle & diet, hormonal changes. Dehydration is also a leading cause of dry skin, so if  you're someone with dry skin, drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol and, caffeine as they can make a significant difference in how your skin looks and feels.
   The best moisturizers for dry skin are those containing hyaluronic acid (often listed as sodium hyaluronate in ingredients), glycerin, and marine actives like algae, because of their ability to attract water and deliver it directly to skin cells. Emollients, including s…

Hello November #17

November! Am I the only one excited, it's almost Christmas!. And also it's the month of thanksgiving. Although thanksgiving isn't really a thing over here(by default). I just love the vibe it brings. I love family time and bonding.
    These days everyone is so busy with work and school (being savage) and a lot if other stuff (like getting shit together). Thanksgiving isn't only about the turkey and stuffing and cranberry,it is as the name implies, Gratitude. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. We should never be too busy for family, so in the spirit of thanksgiving let us do something f for our family this month, create time, family is after all atop priority, and also this an opportunity to fix whatever issues we may have with anyone, and talk and bond, create memories and be happy, what more is there to life. Learn from autumn and let things go, no matter hard it may be.
     Speaking of autumn, I can't believ…


Hey guys, so it's another Monday and am I the only one who doesn't anticipate Monday. Ugh!.... Anyways I hope to get you a little positive and you know hope and pray you have a good day. But if you think about it, Monday's are actually fun, ok, fun may not be the word, but I think Mondays are fresh. A fresh week, a free start, kinda. Either it's work or school, start your day with some positive energy      Anyways, I'm excited about today, I got a little inspiration from instagram l, using the hashtag #mondaymotivation, and I hope you get motivated too. Positive will always give you a good day. Trust me. 1. Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest in your life. 2. Everyday is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you. 3. One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Stay positive. 4. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. 5. Remem…