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6 habits that make you look older than you really are.

Recently, I've been having a few challenges with going out, and when I eventually do go out, I do not take pictures because everytime I look at the camera I cringe at the way I look, same thing happens when I look in the mirror. I suddenly looked older and stressed with a lot of frown lines and funny looking skin, so I decided to do little research on how to look younger (I guess)and Implement a few tips, and they're actually relatable and they work. My looks may not be where I want them to be, but I'm no longer camera shy.
So here's a few thing you're probably doing wrong, or not just doing too well. 1. Junk to veggies and fruits ratio.         How many times do we actually remember veggies and fruits, are they in your diets...? They are definitely a compulsory thing for a healthier and glowing skin. The skin can protect itself from a lot, but there's a higher chance, if you consume nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. 2. Not drinking enough water.