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How to do more of what's meaningful in 2018


        Hey guys, Happy New Year!, yeah I know it's pretty late, but hey it's all good.
      Anyways, I planned to post earlier than this but, well, certain things are beyond my control. And am I the only one who did absolutely nothing meaningful with January. *sigh*. As long as January seemed to be, the only productive thing I did was matriculate. And uhh, gained a few pounds....(if that counts as being productive.).
       So how to be more productive and do more for yourself this year.

1. Make a journal. 
        Ok. First step, write down everything you hope to achieve this year, like eve....ry....thing, and then, arrange them in order of priority, and how possible it really is. And remember nothing mediocre(tell yourself the truth a little). Make it a mantle, and always strive towards the ones at the top.

2. Get comfortable with the word 'no'
        Personally, I forget the word 'no' when asked to do something. I guess there's a still a fe…