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March oh March! : Emojis.

March was by far my most sleepiest month. A month well spent I must say *unamused face*What did I achieve? *face with monocle*-Started an exercise routine: But then I fell sick, didn't exercise for a week....turned two weeks, got really lazy, then had a big wake up calls and boom I'm back *flexed biceps*.-A night routine: so I'm doing this coconut oil thingy, and although I don't know if it's working, but... I've been pretty consistent, so maybe when I'm eventually ready to swim, I'll have a beach body *wink*.-My hair: I don't mean to brag but I'm I loosened my weave, sat my ass down and twisted my hair, and boom...a bad-ass dread appeared. It is officially my broke hairstyle. *sign of the horns*. A lot of people liked it and the comments really kept me going *smirking face*.-My Academics: I did not read a single book, and my exams are next month, hmm... I laugh *upside down face*.-My Instagram : As you may know, we only get to sl…